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Genital warts symptoms

If symptoms do appear then the infected person may notice a single spot or a cluster of spots within their genitalia. Genital warts have an irregular shape and can vary in shape and size from small red/white spots to large cauliflower-shaped lumps (see genital warts pictures), which can spread without treatment. Genital warts are normally painless but may be itchy, although they may become painful during sexual intercourse depending on the location of the warts.

In men, under the mans foreskin is where genital warts often occur , but can appear anywhere on the mans penis, on his scrotum or in hisgroin. Homosexuals may also become infected in the anus and rectum.

In women, HPV warts occur at the opening of the vagina (vulva) more often than not, but can appear in the folds of skin alongside the vagina, in the womans womb, or around her anus. If a woman has warts within her vagina it can led to slight bleeding, or on very rare occasions an unusual colored discharge can appear from the vagina. HPV Genital warts can also develop in a man or womans mouth/throat. This would be due to the person having oral sex with a person who is infected with the HPV virus.

Once a person contracts the HPV virus, a quiet period of months to years can occur.
Sometimes several years pass without any symptoms. However even without showing any symptoms it still leaves a healthy partner vulnerable to becoming infected during sexual activity. They’re not something you want to risk infecting others with and need to be treated as they are very contagious!
(see genital warts facts).

If a person suspects that they may have been exposed to the HPV virus, but doesn't yet have any symptoms, their doctor can take a swab to test for strains of the virus (available in most countries). Woman can get this performed alongside a cervical Pap smear test (see vaginal warts).


Conditions Confused With Genital Warts


It is common for people to mix other skin problems with HPV genital warts due to them discovering wart-like mounds on their genitals. Here we have listed the 5 most common condictions people are getting mixed up with.

Conditions that may be confused with genital warts include:


Genital Herpes

Herpes is a common sexual transmitted infection (STI). Nearly 50% of adults will get a form of the herpes virus. For more information click here.












Skin Tags

Skin Tags grow as you get older. The are very harmless and 50% of the population will develop at least one skin tag. For more information click here.













Pearly Penile Papules

Pearly Penile Papules are small white bumps that appear in a ring around the top of the penis. More rarely, similar looking papules may be found on the vulva.













Sebaceous Glands (Fordyce Spots)

Fordyce Spots are hard white little bumps that can develop all over the skin of the penis on men, and in woman the vulva. Sebaceous glands produces sebum. Sebum ubricates the skin and hair of animals and mammals.












develop as purple or red spots that look a little like blood blisters. They are harmless.













Any doubt about lumps and bumps on the genitals can usually be resolved by a quick visit to a doctor or sexual health clinic.




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