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How do you get genital warts?

"thank you so much for telling me how to catch genital warts early"

You get HPV genital warts by having sex with someone who is carrying the virus. Just close genital contact is all it takes to spread HPV. In very rare cases children and adults can be infected indirectly, by using a towl that has been infected. Also babies can also be infected during delivery.

If you have sexual intercourse with someone with the HPV there is a 2 in 3 chance you have contracted the virus. If you have unfortunately contracted the virus then there is a 50% change you will develop genital warts. There are about 80 types of HPV and depending on which strain you catch will determine if you develop genital warts.

Once you contract the HPV virus a quiet period can pass, sometimes several years without any symptoms occurring. However even without showing any symptoms it still leaves a healthy partner vulnerable to becoming infected during sexual activity.


How do you know you have genital warts?


If you have contracted HPV you may not have any visible symptoms yet, as symptoms tend to occur a few months after contraction. Sometimes several years pass without any symptoms. However even without showing any symptoms it still leaves a healthy partner vulnerable to becoming infected during sexual activity.

If you think you have contracted the HPV virus but not showing any symptoms, then your doctor at your local sexual health clinic can take a swab to test for strains of the virus. Ladies over 25 can get this done when they have their Pap smear test. If you have very small genital warts developing then the doctor can apply a weak vinegar solution to the area. The solution will make the warts white hightlighting them.


Where you get genital warts on women

In women genital warts usually occur around the opening of the vagina (vulva), but can occur in the folds of skin alongside the vaginal opening, to the womb, or around the anus. Both men and women can get the warts in their mouth and down the throat after engaging in oral sex (see genital warts pictures).
  Around the opening of the vagina (vulva) 66%
In the vagina 37%
Between the vagina and anus 29%
Around the anus 23%
On the cervix (neck of the womb) 8%
At the opening of the urethra (where the urine comes out)
Figures from the archives of Dermatology 1984;120:472:

Where you get genital warts on men

In men genital warts can appear anywhere on the penis, on the scrotum or in the groin. Homosexual men may also get infected in the anus and rectum.

On the shaft of the penis 51%
Around the anus34%
Inside the hole (opening of the urethra) 10%
Around the anus 10%
Under the foreskin 8%
Between the anus and scrotum 3%
On the scrotum 1%

Figures from the archives of Dermatology 1984;120:472:

These are just some basic genital warts facts, but hopefully these facts will help you become more aware and knowledgeable about HPV. However people don’t tend to know they have contracted HPV until they develop genital warts, which can increase the risk in contracting other more serious medical diseases in the future, which is why it is important to get yourself checked out by a doctor.

There are many treatment options available for those who experience genital warts – which can be purchased on you treatment page our site with no prescription.




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