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Duct tape warts

Duct Taping warts only works on common warts (hand/feet warts) and not on genital warts. Duck taping warts is a cost effective remedial people are turning to and has become a popular way of removing and curing warts.

This is how people are using duct tape to remove their wart;


Cover the wart with duct tape for six days, if the duct tape comes off reapply it to the wart.
Next, remove the duct tape, soak the wart, and use a pumice stone to remove skin on top of the wart.
After twenty-four hours reapply the duct tape and repeat the steps 1 and 2!

Apparently it is effective! With experts reporting that over 80% of people will see that their planter wart is removed by the treatment after a two month period, and many seeing signs of improvement in just 2 weeks.
As this treatment can take 2 months to see results people are using different colors of Duct Tape such as pink and green as people don’t like walking around with the regular gray tape.

Although there is no scientific evidence in favour of duct tape treatment as a remedial method, medical researchers attribute its success to the duct tape been tightly wrapped over the wart, prevents it from spreading further. This prevents new cells from been formed and they begin to die and gradually reduces in size.



















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